Love it or hate it - living in the Northland - there's no getting around having to drive in the winter.  Northlanders take great pride in being able to navigate through some of the harshest road conditions Mother Nature knows how to throw out.  Snow. Ice.  Freezing rain. Even plunging, frigid cold temperatures can wreak havoc with a regular commute to work, to the store, or to necessary events.

It goes without saying that you can't drive your vehicle (and the roads) in the winter the same way you did in the summer.  All of those winter elements (the aforementioned snow, ice, etc) combine to make things more difficult and treacherous.

In advance of the winter season, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has put together a good primer of tips to help drivers get through the worst that winter has to offer.  Some of the ideas might be common sense (they should be!) while others might give you something to consider.

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Here are those good winter driving tips - direct from the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

Good Winter Driving Tips


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