I was very lucky to be invited to be in the studio with Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners while they recorded their new Kickstarter Project called "Wildflowers And Tumbleweeds". I Drove to Sparta Minnesota and got to hang out with the band and even be a tech geek behind the shoulder of engineer and owner of Sparta Sound, Rich Mattson

I don't think most people know all the parts that need to be done in order to get a project like this done, but I was allowed to film some of the day.

Sparta Sound is an old church converted into a studio. I loved the old equipment and instruments that Rich had around. The Band had already finished their part of the recording with just a few overdubs of steel guitar and Breanne's acoustic to be recorded. Breanne still had many of her vocals left to record and you get to see some of them being done in the video.

There is a surprise in the video for the track list too. Breanne and Evan reveal the album has been changed for the better after rehearsals for the cd began.

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