I don't know who decides this.  Is there a group of people in a bunker somewhere, dimly lit, that give our generations names?  Of course there was the babyboomers, then generation x, then y, and the youngest z.

Well y and z are now being called C.  C is for connected.   The largest group of our population that use smartphones, tablets, and other devices for consuming digital media.

Consuming digital media?  Kinda sounds gross.  What's even more gross is that I'm generation Y and I'm disgusted with my generation and those younger than me.  I use my smartphone quite a bit.  I'm on Facebook.  I use social media.  I get it and I'd like to think that I'm pretty tech savvy.

But I also have a life, and I wish more people in my generation would look up at the world around them instead of staring into their phone.  It's disgusting. Life isn't on a computer, or what you do on a computer.  It's fine to share with social media, just don't live in social media or these generations are going be screwed.

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