Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks made one cancer survivor's night at a recent tour stop.

During Yearwood's performance, she saw a woman in the audience who she came to learn is currently battling cancer for the fourth time. A camera caught the sweet moment on video.

"Celebrate with the survivors and fight with the fighters! I love you, Carolyn!" Yearwood captions the video posted to Facebook.

Once Yearwood learned of Carolyn's battle, she handed her the microphone to let the audience know of her struggles. As Carolyn explained, she fought and overcame breast cancer first and is now fighting ovarian cancer, which came back for the third time recently.

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“I believe in strength in numbers," Yearwood responds. "I believe when one or more are gathered in His name and I believe that you got this, Miss Carolyn. God bless you.”

Carolyn then blows Yearwood kisses, but that's not the end of their interaction that night. Later, after performing "Walkaway Joe" with her husband Garth Brooks, she speaks with Carolyn one more time. Yearwood then grabs her husband's guitar pick and hands it over to Carolyn in the front row.

"You're almost not tall enough to ride this ride," Yearwood jokes.

Brooks then takes the guitar off his back to hand to her, and Carolyn thanks the couple with tears in her eyes. But before she has a chance to hold it, Yearwood asks for it back so she and Brooks can sign it.

"Miss Carolyn, I'm just going to sign it Mr. Yearwood," Brooks says. "You are a doll."

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