Last week I looked out the window to see if it was still snowing and saw the footprints you see in the picture above.  My first thought was what in the world was my husband doing, the footprints made no sense.  I asked him what he was looking for out in the yard and in the wood shed.  He said he hadn't been out in the yard so I brought him to the window to show him the footprints and he immediately went out to investigate.  Can you guess to whom those footprints belonged to? 


He said they went around the house, near the garage, out towards the garden, stopped and turned around, checked out the wood shed, the shed and continued up the front stairs onto the deck and to the door.  Of course our first thought was it may be someone casing the property and then seeing if we were home.  Luckily, he found a clue that answered our question.  A door hanger that explained who the unexplained visitor was and why they had been there had blown off the door knob and was laying on the ground on the other side of the deck.

Let me preface this next paragraph by saying I understand that they are just doing their job, but the way they do it caused concern and confusion on our part and we felt violated.  The door hanger explained that it was the county assessor and they had been there inspecting the property.  I realize they can't catch everyone at home when they are doing their job since we are usually doing ours at the same time, but I couldn't help feeling somewhat violated that someone I didn't know had been wandering around our property looking into our out buildings and basically checking out what we have.  Couldn't they give us heads up that they would be making a visit the week of (fill in the blank).  I don't have anything to hide but don't think it's right they can just walk on the property anytime they want and assess.  Our fear and concern could have easily been avoided.

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