Through the years, there have always been those that persist in finding find some sort of fault in Florida Georgia Line’s success. Yet, as the duo continues to find ways to expand their brand and their music beyond the borders of country, it might be time for everyone to be quiet…and take some notes.

“We've got some plans to hit Europe pretty soon,” FGL’s Brian Kelley said in a recent interview with Billboard Magazine about stretching their brand overseas, thanks in part to their hit song “Meant to Be.”

“We’re super excited. That is the biggest cherry on top of everything. When stuff like this goes global, way beyond anything [you expected], it's definitely a God thing. It’s super humbling and super inspiring to watch it just explode," he added. "It's so much bigger than Tyler and Brian and Florida Georgia Line to go to different countries and sing [our songs] with our fans, let them sing it and just get that energy.”

Indeed, the duo’s single with Bebe Rexha has certainly raised their star power once again, a star power that has seemed to be speeding along ever since their first hit “Cruise.”

"It’s a special song because of the route it took [to No. 1],” said FGL’s Tyler Hubbard. “It came from Bebe Rexha’s EP [All Your Fault: Pt. 2], it’s not on any of our projects and it was a single. And it crossed over from pop to country radio. In country radio, it’s pretty rare for that to happen.”

You can say that again, guys! Florida Georgia Line are aiming to release their fourth studio album in early 2019.

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