The saying is "What goes up, must come down." That's exactly what happens when you shoot a gun in the air. Stupidly, many people do this even in urban settings to ring in the new year. Not only is it illegal, it can also kill or injure someone. Sadly, it has happened many times. Police are urging people to be responsible and not fire their weapon into the air ever, especially on New Years Eve where it happens most frequently.

According to this article in USA Today, it's rare but it does happen. There's multiple stories of people being struck by a bullet coming down through the roof of their home even. Studies show that most of the injuries are statistically on the head, which obviously is very fatal.

While a falling bullet doesn't have the velocity it does after it leaves the barrel, it can still fall at several hundred feet per second, which is enough to penetrate a skull. It's a terrifying way to ring in 2020.



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