The holiday weekend is here, and many people will be heading to the lake to enjoy one of Minnesota's best weekends. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds people to be safe while on the water.

The legal blood alcohol limit for operating a boat is the same as a motor vehicle in Minnesota. That level is .08. You can learn how to calculate your blood alcohol level with the BAC chart, but it's always safer to just avoid drinking alcohol while operating any type of boat or recreational vehicle.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will have extra enforcement with conservation officers, sheriff's deputies, and police officers on Minnesota lakes and rivers this weekend to make sure that boaters that are a danger to themselves and others are off the water. They say if you see someone with a badge to give them a wave, and don't be surprised if they pull up to you for an inspection.

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Boaters should make sure they also have all the safety equipment required like life jackets, a throwable flotation device, and a fire extinguisher. There recently was a change to fire extinguisher laws as well that you should brush up on. 

The DNR calls this weekend's enhanced enforcement "Operation Dry Water." The extra patrols on water will take place from July 2-4.

On land, the Minnesota State Patrol recently had extra patrols on Minnesota roadways and made hundreds of arrests last weekend. You can expect to see them this weekend as well on roads this weekend looking for speeders and impaired drivers.

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