Eric Church looked down from the stage to see a cancer warrior asking a favor during a recent tour stop in Colorado. The "Heart on Fire" singer didn't hesitate to grant that favor.

On Oct. 15, the Gather Again Tour pulled into Ball Arena in Denver, and mid-show, a father who'd just beaten cancer came forward with a sign and a couple of mini bottles of what look like whiskey.

"Just beat cancer. Do a shot with me?" the sign reads (watch below).

After Church shows the sign to his fans, the arena erupts in applause and screams. Sebastian Dobyns captured the moment on TikTok. It was his dad, so one can safely assume those are his sobs behind the camera as the energy rises and Church bends down to grab his bottle.

Watch for yourself:

More details are found in Dobyns' caption.

"My Dad took a shot with Eric Church last night," he writes. "He just beat stage 3 colon cancer." Taste of Country Station New Country 99.1 in Colorado Springs, Colo., confirmed that the event took place in Denver last month.

Church's 2021 Gather Again Tour is the most ambitious country music tour on the road right now, with dates through December before a short break and dates booked through late May 2022. There are no opening acts.

Next Wednesday (Nov. 10), Church is one of five nominees in the Entertainer of the Year category at the 2021 CMA Awards.

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