I know we have a lot of talented casual photographers in the area, I see their fantastic work shared on Facebook all the time.  June 20th was American Eagle Day and the Lake Superior Zoo is commemorating the day with a photo contest using their bald eagle, Liberty, which is nice, you don't have to go out and find a bald eagle to be your model.

You need to visit the zoo and get your picture of Liberty, before July 3. While I'm sure you'll be hoping for that unique special shot, you should know that everyone that submits a photo gets entered to win a gift from the Tiger’s Paw Gift Shop!  One lucky photographer will have their photo featured in the member news and highlighted on the Lake Superior Zoo Facebook page.

Are you in?  It's easy, visit the zoo, take your photo(s), Liberty loves the attention, and then pick your favorite.  Send it in a message to the Lake Superior Zoo’s Facebook page. Then watch for your photo to be displayed in an album on the same Facebook page for all to enjoy!  Remember, get your photo entered by July 3, 2017.  They'll be announcing their  winner very fittingly on July 4, 2017.

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