The news lately is full of anger and divisive attitudes.  Rather than wallow in that frame of mind, Engwall Florist is hitting downtown Duluth today to have a positive impact on 800 people, with the goal of letting those 800 people "Petal It Forward".

Engwalls will be handing out flowers to 800 people at noon today as part of the 'Petal It Forward' program.  Each person will receive two bouquets, one to keep and one to share with another.

This effort is in response to the release of data from the Society Of American Florists showing the positive emotional benefits of flowers.  A key finding was that it makes people feel just as happy to give flowers as it does to receive them and just being around flowers improves your mood.

With yet another mudslinging debate tonight, I think the timing simply could not be better and when noon rolls around a trip downtown Duluth is in order.


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