The restaurant industry has been hurting. Many restaurants across the country ended up closing their doors. Lots of experienced servers were forced to look for new jobs or lines of work. Restaurants are hiring all over the place and offering better than before wages for these jobs.

We went out to eat for the first time in quite a while at a pretty nice restaurant in Duluth. We had been eating food to go to support local restaurants, but now that we have been vaccinated we thought why not go out this time? The strangeness began immediately. We were seated at a table and we were handed 2 menus for a group of 5 people. We thought they were bringing more, but then none ever came.

Our server arrived and he had a full on mullet. I don't know if this is a thing kids are doing again or what, but it took me by surprise. We ordered drinks and asked for some more menus. He came back with 2 more menus, and we were still short 1. Not a big deal, but just strange. I'm guessing they didn't have any clean menus left?

We got our salads and my friend Cathy had a piece of cardboard in her salad. I had completely the wrong salad. She let the server know that there was cardboard in the salad and he said, "Ok." That was it. Pre pandemic usually they would try to make it right.

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Our food came, and the girl who delivered it asked if we needed anything else? We hadn't seen our server for quite some time so we asked if we could get another round of drinks. She said sure! What do you want. We ordered 3 drinks and she said, "Wait! I gotta get a pen!" Then when she couldn't find a pen she said, "You'll just have to wait for your server. I said he's right over there can you grab him, please?" She walked away.

All of us kind of stared at each other and wondered what the heck was happening? I'm not necessarily knocking on these new servers because I know they've got to learn some stuff, but it sure makes eating out feel different than it did a year ago.

Was this just an isolated case, or was this just a weird day? Time will tell.

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