This is a bad look.

Minnesota State Patrol took to Twitter last Friday (April 26th) to share some disturbing news and this time, it involved a Duluthian.

According to a tweet sent out in the early afternoon, a trooper pulled over a young male in the area. Why? He was on Facebook while driving, showing off his new shirt. Ugh.

Minnesota State Patrol says the 21-year-old was sharing a photo of his new attire on the social media website.

See their tweet below:

Okay, this is seriously getting out of control! To make matters worse, later the same day, a 21-year-old female in Duluth was cited because she was using Snapchat at a stop light. They shared this unfortunate news via tweet as well.

Instances like this are becoming all too common. Last week, two separate people were pulled over and cited because they were watching television while behind the wheel. One woman had Netflix pulled up and was streaming 'Parks and Rec' while a Minnesota man was busted watching 'Law & Order' and driving at the same time.

If you can't go a few minutes without watching Netflix, then stay home and watch instead.

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