When will the madness end?!

A Minnesota woman was busted this week while behind the wheel. Why? Because she was watching 'Parks and Recreation' while driving. Ugh.

According to reports, an officer from the Blaine Police Department pulled over a 32-year-old motorist, who appeared to be distracted. The driver eventually fessed up to watching 'Parks and Recreation' while behind the wheel. The woman was cited.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Minnesota State Patrol also shared similar news earlier this week: a driver was cited because he was watching 'Law & Order' on his phone while driving.

I love crime shows as much the next person but watching them can obviously wait until you aren't driving. There is no reason we need to be watching television while behind the wheel.

There's been a lot of news of this nature in the press this week. Early Friday morning (April 26th), a man drove through someone's yard in Hermantown while under the influence. He received his 8th DUI.

A Minnesotan also caused a traffic hiccup this week after she spotted a spider in her car while driving. She pulled over once she spotted it and explained she has a huge fear of arachnids. We hope she's okay. Ha!

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