The 9th annual Duluth Superior Film Festival will be calling 'action!' in just a few short weeks.

The festival will take place in many different venues across the Northland, including Zinema, Teatro Zuccone, Clyde Iron Works, Blacklist Artisan Ales and The Comet Theater in Cook.

As always, the festival will highlight regional films. According to a press release, nearly 12 films and short films will have ties to the area.

Each and every film screening will be completely free but donations will be accepted.

This year will pay special attention to Indigenous and Women's communities, woman-centered productions and films with a Native American influence.

The festival will kick off Wednesday, May 30th at Clyde Iron Works. Doors will open at 7 with the screening following at 8 p.m. The festival will continue through June 3rd.

For a full list of films you can catch, click here.


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