It's the first day of spring!  What better way to celebrate the change of seasons than to sign up for a Duluth softball league?

The following leagues still have room for teams:

  • Monday: Men & Coed
  • Tuesday: Men (which they are considering making a wood bat league and they'd provide the bats)
  • Thursday: Men, Coed & Women

I played softball at the Wheeler Athletic Complex for 27 years (go Screamin' Monkeys!).  Last summer we decided not to enter a team, and it was very odd to not head out to swing the bat and play second base.  I refuse to say I "retired" because that means I won't do it again and I'm not ready to say I won't sub or play in some capacity, perhaps in an old fart league.

Summer softball tournaments are also a fun time and even if you don't join a league, you can get a team together for one of these tournaments at Wheeler:

  • 6th Annual Bash for Boobies - June 2018 - Contact Edin: (218) 393-9006
  • Copasetic Tournament - July 2018 - Men, Women, Coed Class D - Contact Matt: (218) 340-3022
  • 41th Annual Beerhunters - August 2018 - Men's D/E & Women's C/D/E - Contact Ron: (218) 348-9931

Follow the link below for all the details, including league rules and updates.

Play ball!



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