Listen up pop culture fans - literally! I was listening to the newest episode of Deux U, a pop culture podcast that talks about celebrities and celebrity news. The creator of the massive account is anonymous and industry insiders send her massive information on celebrities before it makes the front page of a tabloid.

I listen to the podcast when it comes out each Thursday and I was shocked when I heard a mention of Duluth! The episode is the one marked August 3rd and featured Pedro Pascal, John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston in the title.

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So why was Duluth, Minnesota mentioned on a Hollywood podcast? Apparently a popular band played their last show when they took the stage in Duluth this week. Bon Iver played what is allegedly their last show at Bayfront Festival Park on Wednesday (August 2nd).

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In the episode, Deuxmoi states that the show in Duluth was the very last one they will ever play and they are breaking up. I didn't know if this was already out in the world so I did some searching and I see nothing about it so this news must not be out there just yet.

The band does have tour dates throughout August on their website and at the time of writing, no mention of the band breaking up is out there. Hopefully this is just a rumor that someone started for some odd reason.

The band has a massive following so this show in Duluth will go down as legendary, even if it is not for the best reason. At least they got to play their last show in one of the best and most beautiful venues ever, if it is true that is.

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Here's another fun Bon Iver connection: the lead of the band was featured in Taylor Swift's Disney documentary following the release of Folklore. It came out over Thanksgiving weekend of 2020 and the two talked about the song they have on the album and performed it. The cool part? Justin Vernon performed his part from Wisconsin, as he is from there.

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