Harry Welty has become famous for the snow sculptures that he has been doing in his front yard all the way back to 1987. His home is located on the corner of 21st Avenue East and 4th street and is seen by thousands of people who are hopping up 21st, including me on a daily basis.

Last week I saw a giant pile of snow plopped in front of his caroler's sculpture from December so I knew something was coming. Last Friday I actually saw Harry starting to carve what was then just a big pile of snow.

Some of his sculptures have been political in nature and one was even colored orange when he did a Donal Trump snow carving which was later decapitated. Welty's Latest sculpture seems to represent what we all might be feeling about the year 2021, which in his latest sculpture is represented by Godzilla with King Kong pinning him to the ground.

Phot; Jeanne Ryan-TSM-Duluth
Phot; Jeanne Ryan-TSM-Duluth

Welty is so talented and seems to do all of these creations himself that seem to appear overnight. This is definitely one of the things that many of us in the Northland look forward to every winter and is one of the main reasons I am glad when we get a lot of snow so that Harry will have enough snow to make a new sculpture. Hopefully, the weather will stay cold enough to sustain his present sculptures. Click here to see all of Harry's Sculptures dating back to 1987.

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