St. Louis County officials would like public input in regards to a recent ordinance that would allow and regulate the operation of all-terrain vehicles on County Roads in the area.

While a meeting May 24 in Hibbing was already scheduled, there will now be a meeting in Duluth.  It will be held during the County Board meeting which is on the second floor of the Duluth Courthouse on Tuesday, May 10 at 9:45 AM.

According to the county, the following highlights of the ATV ordinance are worth noting:

  • Provides for ATV operation on all roads outside cities.
  • Provides for a permit process for county roads within city limits. In these instances, the county will confer with the city.
  • Provides for a permit process for any county roads on an as-needed basis. This will be issue driven and will be a collaborative process with the ATV clubs.
  • Does not include conditions for speed, headlights, helmets required under the age of 18 and unsafe operation, because they are already covered by state statute and rules.
  • Provides a mechanism for the County Board to close or restrict roads if needed.
  • Provides a mechanism for the Public Works Director to close roads quickly in the event of damage or safety issues. These actions are subsequently reviewable by the County Board.
  • Provides for an Official All-Terrain Vehicle Map that will be posted on the county website. This will be the document that road users and enforcement refer to. It will be updated as needed through action of the Executive ATV Permit Committee or as a result of County Board action.

Both meetings will allow your voice to be heard regarding this matter.

If you'd like to review the complete draft of the proposed St. Louis County ATV Ordinance, just follow the link below.