The Duluth Police Department wants to know if you recognize the individual in the photo below.

They shared what appears to be a still shot from security camera footage on their Facebook page Wednesday. According to their post, the Property Crimes Investigative Unit is looking for the individual in relation to a burglary incident.

The Department is asking that you send them a message if you recognize the person in question. You can reach out to them on Facebook.

As always, they ask that you don't assume the person is guilty - they may just have knowledge about the burglary incident.

Courtesy Of Duluth Police Department

Courtesy Of Duluth Police Department

Duluth PD also asks that you spread the photo about in hopes of reaching more people and therefore helping them get to the next step of their investigation.

In mid-July, two armed robbery suspects were caught on camera robbing a convenience store, with the Department asking for the public's help in finding out their identities.

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