The Duluth News Tribune will make the move to only printing a paper twice a week starting in July.

Announced yesterday on their paywalled website, the Duluth News Tribune said that they will no longer print a daily newspaper stating on July 8th, they will only print a paper on Wednesdays and Saturday and it will be delivered by mail.

The cost of a yearly subscription will remain $100 for both the print and digital editions of the Duluth News Tribune. A digital-only edition of the paper is $9.99 a month and they say that will still be updated daily.

Rick Lubber, the editor of the Duluth News Tribune says, "a daily newspaper is expensive to produce and deliver. It only works financially when there is a strong combination of print subscribers and print advertisers."

The Duluth News Tribune is also getting some heat for not telling its delivery force about the changes in advance of the news hitting social media, in a cold response on the Facebook conversation about the subject, the DNT replied with, "DNT carriers are not employees, they independent contractors and are being notified in the appropriate contractual manner." Yikes! Not a good look.

The Duluth News Tribune says that the normal ads that you would get in the Sunday edition of the paper will be included in the Saturday paper.

I understand the changes to the print part of the business, maybe it does make sense to only print an actual newspaper 2-3 times a week, but the delivery changes seem like a poor choice, as Duluth mail now goes to the Twin Cities to get sorted and comes back, couldn't it take 1-2 days to get the newspaper?

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