While a divided country looks to unite against hate, intolerance and the COVID-19 pandemic, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson posted her reaction to Inauguration Day on her official Facebook page:

Excited for America to have a President that truly listens and then takes calm, decisive action for the greatest good. Who has vision and empathy, humility and humor. Who gets us as people, knows the value of hard work and believes that we’re bigger as a country when we put our shared values first. When he said today that his soul is in this work, I believed him.
It’s a bright, beautiful day. Congratulations, President Biden & Vice President Harris. Thank you for your commitment to our country and dedication to democracy.

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President Biden last visited the Northland on September 18 when he was in the home stretch of his presidential campaign.  On that visit, he landed at the Duluth International Airport and then went to tour the Carpenters Training Institute in Hermantown.

After the tour he addressed the crowd that had gathered where he said it was time to take the country back.  He also promised to rebuild the nation's economy by investing money in infrastructure, like our port, schools and homes.

Now, President Biden will get the opportunity to try and put those plans into operation.

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