Some sad new to report after a weekend fire in Duluth left one dead.

Early Sunday afternoon around one the Duluth Fire Department, with crews from headquarters, U.M.D., and Lincoln Park, responded to a fire at a two-story eight-plex located at 631 East 3rd St. where they found a fire in a first floor bedroom, the fire was as extinguished quickly, and all damage was contained in the bedroom.

The Duluth Fire Department conducted a primary search of the room and found a dead body, no identity was provided as officials are still contacting the family. A dog was also found in the apartment with no injuries and is currently staying with a neighbor of the deceased individual.

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Everyone else in the complex was able to evacuate their apartments safely and were able to return to their homes after the Duluth Fire Department left the scene. Damage to the building and room  is estimated at $5,000.

The Duluth Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating the fire and no other information is available at this time. This is the first fire fatality of 2021, in 2020 and 2019 Duluth had one each year.

Minnesota ended the year 2020 with 53 fire related deaths, that was up from 47 in 2019 and the second lowest number recorded, 37 in 2018. As of April 1st Minnesota has had 11 fire fatalities so far in 2021, this number does not include the death this weekend in Duluth.

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