The Duluth Fire Department has announced a new contest and campaign today. It's called "Chalk It Up" and it provides a quiet and safe way to experience fireworks as part of the Fourth of July Festivities. It was first started in 2019 by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal's Office.

Deputy Chief Otis explains the thought behind the campaign,

We know that there are members of our community who are triggered by loud noises. This campaign is a great way for residents to be creative and share special firework memories or their favorite kind of firework with their neighbors in a way that is quiet and safe.

Fireworks can be dangerous, and every year around Independence day there are Minnesotans that are treated for fireworks injuries. 40% of those injured are children. 78 Minnesotans went to the hospital last year.

Even legal fireworks like sparklers can be very dangerous. The Fire Department says you can melt glass at 900 degrees. Sparklers burn at 1200 degrees. That gives you some kind of an idea of how hot those sparklers actually are.

So, what the Fire Department would like you to do is do some chalk artwork of your favorite fireworks or firework memories. You can e-mail to them or post in on their Facebook page. Everyone who participates will be put in a drawing for a grand prize summer prize pack. They also will be giving away drive-by from the Fire Department along with other prizes.  They will announce winners on their Facebook page on July 6, 2021.

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