Recently, the Executive Director of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center reached out to the public asking for input on whether the venue should go to a cashless system at their concessions and beer stands.

After posing that question through the DECC Facebook account, the many people did voice their opinion. Those who use cash have said things like it helps them from overspending and saves them from ATM or other related fees.

Those who wouldn't mind a cashless system feel it's the way things are going now in many places, so they're already used to it and that it's not hard to adapt once you make the transition.

After reading through many responses, the DECC's Executive Director notified the public that they appreciated all the feedback and they had reached a decision:

Even though two-thirds of U.S. venues are now cashless, it doesn’t mean Duluth has to be. After an outpouring of responses, a clear majority of DECC users would prefer financial transactions to remain the same.
We have listened to your feedback, and have decided we will NOT go cashless at this time. The DECC will continue to accept cash and credit at all of our stands at events.
In regards to our push to make lines shorter, we received several good ideas that we will be instituting throughout the year.
One example is creating better signage so you know the menu options before getting to the counter. More to come as we continue to get creative to make lines shorter!

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For now, the DECC will take cash and credit as payment options. That's always subject to change in the future, but it's encouraging that they are addressing the long lines and wait times that often accompany shows at the venue.

One would hope that more show are soon scheduled though the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center and they continue to work to make all shows a terrific experience.

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