Dierks Bentley has a new music video featuring some fans in it. A Twin Ports couple was in the right place at the right time and got to meet some stars and be in the video. That's pretty cool!

Alicia Baillie and her boyfriend Jared Jank were on a trip to Nashville. It was their first time in music city. They headed out to see some of the famous murals in Nashville when they spotted a group of people waiting in a line. They struck up a conversation with those people and found out that Dierks, Hardy, and Breland were on there way there to shoot a music video.

Sure enough, they stuck around themselves and got to be in the music video. The shots are quick, and short but very cool that they got to be in it. Alicia is wearing a black cowboy hat and black dress. Her boyfriend Jared is wearing a Dunder Mifflin tie-dyed shirt. You can first see them here on the left about 11 seconds in the video.

Dierks Bentley YouTube

Then again about 20 seconds later you can see Alicia and Jared on the left in the shot between Dierks and Breland.

Dierks Bentley YouTube

And talk about getting close to some stars. Here's Alicia & Jared right smack dab in front of Dierks, Breland, and Hardy.

Dierks Bentley YouTube

It was a very fun experience for both of them. They even got a chance to hang out and chat with Hardy for a bit. They said he was a super nice guy. He even jokingly asked if Alicia was ok because her hands were shaking. She was pretty nervous to meet a celebrity.

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Alicia Baillie

Jared got a photo with Hardy as well.

Jared Jank

The surprises didn't stop there either for the couple. They were out strolling along the street when they passed a recording studio. Above them they spotted Morgan Wallen and he posed for a picture for them.

Alicia Baillie

Pretty fun trip. Check out the music video for "Beers On Me" and keep your eye out for Alicia & Jared at the :11, :33, and :35 mark.

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