The City of Duluth Workforce Center, along with the Duluth Construction Career Night planning team and others, are hosting a Career Construction Night February 26 in Duluth.

This special career night will take place Tuesday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Paulucci Hall at the DECC.  It will provide everyone a chance to experience a wide variety of construction careers through hands-on opportunities with local union apprenticeship programs.

Experts are anticipating a significant need for skilled construction workers in the
next few years. These jobs tend to pay well and most offer earn-as-you-learn training opportunities.

The City of Duluth has a lot of projects either already underway or in the works and they provide local men and women multiple employment opportunities.  According to The City, construction contractors and building trades unions are very interested in hiring and supporting women entering the construction industry, and in diversifying their labor force.

The public is invited to attend the construction career night and there is no pre-registration required.


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