As the economy bounces back from the state-wide shutdowns connected to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are looking for employees to fill open job positions; at the same time - many furloughed workers are looking for new opportunities.  An event scheduled for Wednesday, July 15 aims to bring both camps together - in a setting that follows mandated social-distancing.

A drive-through job fair will happen on July 15 in Ashland - at the WITC-campus.  From 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM, interested job-seekers can drive up to the event in their vehicles and receive literature and hand-outs from prospective employers who have openings to fill.   According to news sources, the organizers of the job-through job fair believe that this "option is a way to maintain social distancing while getting information on employment opportunities to those seeking jobs."

The drive-through job fair in Ashland is part of an initiative that is being conducted state wide all across Wisconsin - conducted by the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board.  In addition to providing the information to would-be job seekers, the agency is also soliciting businesses who may want to promote their openings.  Employers who have openings and want to take part can get more information and register their business by clicking here.

While it's been running high during much of the pandemic-forced shutdowns, unemployment in both Wisconsin and local Douglas County communities have seen record-peaks in May.  According to new sources:  " Out of the largest 34 cities in Wisconsin, Superior had the highest unemployment rate in May at 17.5%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Douglas County's May unemployment rate was 17.8%, down from 21% in April."

The high unemployment numbers also come at a bad time in regards to unemployment services.  That same article points out that the additional $600 that unemployment clients were receiving from the federal government is about to end - at the end of July.

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