It's not too soon to be thinking about Easter, April 20, it comes early this year. What will you do to make coloring eggs different, more challenging or eggs-citing? Ok, overused play on words, sorry.  How about tie-dyeing them?  It will be a little more work and could potentially be a bit more messy, but think of the memories you'll be making with your family!

My sister didn't like to color eggs, she said the whole house smelled like farts and vinegar.  Not exactly the memory my mom was hoping to create for her.  Remember trying to leave the egg in the colored water solution for a really long time so it would get dark?  I was always too impatient.  Now I know why Easter and pastel colors are synonymous. Get more creative than breaking out the crayons and writing your name on the egg before you color it.  Try tie-dying them!

You'll still need a lot of the same tools used to color eggs the conventional way.

  • Dipping cups, we used big coffee cups, the handles were useful
  • Vinegar and Water
  • Dye Tablets (the ones that come in the packaged egg coloring kits)
  • spoons, or we saved the little metal dipping tools that come with egg coloring kits (we saved them each year so we had tons)
  • newspaper or a plastic table cloth to protect your workspace plus we wore old clothes and aprons (apparently we were messy people)
  • A big roll of paper towels or napkins, this will be used to add texture to your eggs, so the more designs or texture the better
  • hard boiled eggs (Did you know you can bake your eggs in the oven?  I'll add the instructions for THAT below)

Make sure your hard boiled/baked eggs are dry and that the surface you're going to be using is protected (might want to cover the floor, just in case).  You'll want to prepare your egg color according to the package you've purchased.

If you want solid colored tie-dyed eggs, color as usual and plan on using lighter colors closest to the eggshell.  Then, wrap the egg in a paper towel or napkin.  The more texture or wrinkles you have the more interesting the pattern on your egg.

After you've wrapped your egg, start spooning another color over it.  The more colors you use the more colorful your egg will be.  Keep doing that with other colors if you wish.  You can also squeeze the soaked paper towel or napkin to add texture but be gently, after all, it's an egg!

Once you've used as many colors as you want, unwrap the egg and it should have the appearance of being tie-dyed.  It's like snowflakes, no two eggs should be the same.

We always started out with a egg that had a pastel color on it, rather than just white.  But you can do whatever you want.  The shell is your canvas.

I found this video with a much easier,  less messy way to achieve tie-dyed eggs, but it won't be as fun for the kids.  It's your choice, either way.....ENJOY!

Egg Tie-Dye Info: Recipe4Living

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