My husband and I are usually invited to at least 6-8 graduation parties each year.  (he's a teacher).  For the last two years, 90% of the parties we attended served pulled pork.  We're curious if that will continue, what's trending this year?

You may hear me talk about my love for graduation salad and cake while on the Breakfast Club Show.  A typical graduation salad usually has pasta, onions, celery, some kind of meat and LOTS of mayo.  For years I have counted on graduation salad at each and every stop.  If there was meatballs that was a huge bonus.  Follow that up with graduation cake and THAT'S A GREAT PARTY"!

However, for the past two years it seems more and more people are serving pulled pork, whether they make it themselves or they cater it in.  It's usually a pile of pulled pork in a chafing dish with the options of having it plain or squirting BBQ sauce on it and putting it on a bun if you wish.  Then the choices for sides are potato salad and beans, no graduation salad.  Of course, the bottom line is the achievement of the graduate, but I always enjoy the graduation spread too!  Pulled pork has definitely been trending and I'm wondering if it will continue this year.  If you're having a party, what are you serving?

Congrats to all of the 2017 graduates across the Northland!

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