This Pantene commercial was brought to my attention by another female.  She told me the message was that there was inequality between women and men and that women should remain strong and powerful and forge forward in our quest for equality.  However, after viewing the video and reading what men had to say, I see both sides.  Do you?


I understand the clever play on words, because I've experienced it. For example, the man staying late at work indicates dedication, while if a woman works late it's additional time away from family and that is conceived at selfish. But, in this day and age both genders are responsible for bringing in the $$$ that contribute to the household finances, so is this fair or even true anymore?  And yes I know, this is suppose to be a hair product ad, but it truly addresses an ongoing question.

For women, this ad is empowering.  It depicts what some feel is the perception of us making a living, living our dream and doing what we all wish they could do, have it all.  I can't speak for men, but I would assume it is yet another slap in the face that while they continue to do what they've been told to do, make a living, provide for family and succeed, they are still criticized for always being deemed somewhat superior to the opposite gender in the business world.

I have learned through life experience to view and consider both sides of an issue, or at least try. (not always easy).  But, as I watched the video for a second time, I began to see how men were being perceived.  Always being pushed to overachieve.  For years, being criticized for not being at the little league game or the Christmas concert because they had to work.  I'm sure many felt guilty and left out of family obligations and didn't look at it as a "way out".

Then again, when both partners are perusing schooling to reach their career goals, typically it's the man that goes first.  But where does that leave the woman?  Usually she can go to school IF there's money, IF they haven't started a family and IF her age hasn't affected whether she'll be a good hire after she completes her schooling.

The video gives you things to think about?  What do you see?

I'm not sure if Pantene is going to see a bump in their sales, simply because I forgot it was even an ad for the company to begin with.





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