The other day I borrowed a pen from the front desk here at the radio station.  On it, it said "2 Creeks Campground Leave Your Troubles & Your Clothes Behind You."  Well that kind of caught my attention so I did a little investigating.

It turns out they have a website  It's not technically a nude campground, but rather a clothing optional campground.  It's near Sandstone, MN which is just a short drive away from us here in the Twin Ports.

The campground is 100 acres, and you must be 21 or older to camp there.  You also need to register ahead of time as they don't allow any last minute check ins.  (I believe this is for safety of the guests.)

You can wear as much or as little clothing as possible.  There are etiquette rules though, such as always sitting on a towel and not touching someone else without being invited to.  (whoa!)

A nudist campground isn't really my cup of tea, but I'll be honest in saying that it seems like they run a pretty safe operation.  Especially because we haven't really heard much about this place in the last decade or more that it's been open.

Check out this video I found from YouTube about the history of 2creeks with the owners.

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