We had a couple of significant snowfalls in the later part of December here in the Twin Ports. That gave a lot of us snowmobile riders some hope to get out on the trails. A lot of people have been, but as it turns out, we still need some more snow and some colder weather. It's not been an ideal start to the season.

My sled needed a rebuilt motor this year, and yesterday afternoon it was completed. So we thought we would head out to see what kind of shape the trails were in. In one word: rough. We rode only about 8 miles before we decided to turn back and give up. That was 16 miles that we didn't really need to ride. That's no fault of the clubs or the groomers. It's just not been cold enough to get those swamps to freeze up. They've been packing it in to help it freeze, but it's still not there.

As the Reservoir Riders point out, once again we have morons who can't stay on the trails. Seriously, this is the biggest issue with idiot riders. Stay on the trail or we will lose it. Rant over.

Most of the trails in the Duluth area were snow covered, but some rocks were still protruding. They haven't been able to get the groomer in most of the places yet.

The Peqauywan Area Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club has been able to groom the Pequaywan Trail, but the Brimson Trail and Mooseline trail need more snow in order to be groomed.

I was talking to some friends on The Iron Range and snowmobile trails up there are in the same situation, lacking enough good snow.

So as always, do the snow dance, pray for consistent cold temperatures, and let's hope we have a good season when it's ready!

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