A couple weeks ago I came home to a gaping hole in my basement where our treadmill use to sit.  Who would want to steal that????  I called my husband and he had informed me that Denfeld was borrowing it for a lip-synch dub video.  I had no idea why they were making or video but, after viewing the end result, I am in awe and amazed at the talent and  camaraderie of the Denfeld students.  You'll want to share this on social media!


I can't imagine the time spent with the video's choreography and the organization of over 1,000 of Denfeld students to make this video a reality and show Denfeld school pride.

They are lip synching to Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Good Time" and all students were asked to be involved with the video in some way.

It's always a good time at Denfeld, and students have the video to prove it. Every student was invited to be a cast member in a video where they lip synched Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song “Good Time”.  The idea for the video comes after a couple years of awkwardness with the of merging of Central and Denfeld schools.  This video shows that there is cohesiveness and the students and staff are proud to be Denfeld Hunters!

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