I am no stranger to deer hunting.   Oh, I've never gone deer hunting, but my Uncle Russell would come and pick my father up to go deer hunting when I was very young and I've been married to a deer hunting family.  To me, it meant three weekends of shopping, going to church bazaars and crafting.  I've always had burning questions about deer hunting and finally decided I'd ask my co-host Ken.  Maybe my questions have come to your mind too.

I loved deer hunting season for a whole different reason than those that actually trudge into the woods to their stand and sit in the cold waiting for a deer to happen by.  We would hit up all the local church bazaars, the craft shows, do lunch, shop, get out holiday decorations, bake, craft and go out dancing.  I've always been a curious soul and while I don't deer hunt, I know just enough about it that I have questions.  I decided I could utilize my deer hunting co-host, Ken and get my answers.


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