The weather is turning colder and while I hate to think of it, we will soon be taking out our air conditioners and turning the heat up.  The City of Duluth is reminding those residents that need to connect to City gas utility service before the frost sets in that the deadline to do so is coming up quick.

There are several options for heating your home.  I remember my parents use to have the oil company deliver and fill our tank on a monthly basis.  I use to love when they came around Christmas time because they always brought Christmas candy when they would drop off the bill.

When I bought my home we were already hooked up to a gas line from the City.  However, the City of Duluth knows of over 1000 homes that are not currently hooked up to their gas and the deadline is approaching fast.  If you wish to connect to the City gas utility service you need to call 218.730.5200 or go online to apply by Thursday, September 1.  They need to know this early to get the gas lines in before the ground is too hard with frost.

Check with friends and family before the deadline date to ensure they are toasty this winter.

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