Tuesday afternoon David Ross, the Duluth Area Chamber’s President and Chief Executive Officer, made a surprise announcement to the community.

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For the past twenty-four years, it has been a remarkable privilege, and a joy, to serve as the Duluth Area Chamber’s President and Chief Executive Officer. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you - our members.

Additionally, I have been energized by the challenge of advocating on your behalf as you have brought jobs, investment and opportunity to our beloved Zenith City. I am filled with gratitude for having experienced working with you for such a long and rewarding time.

Yet, my days at our Chamber are drawing to a close. I will retire from my position, effective Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – my sixty-fifth birthday.

I am so fortunate and pleased to have the pleasure of serving my final year at the Chamber with Karen Stromme, in her role as our Board Chair. Our Chamber is fortunate to have Karen at the lead during this time of transition.

Please be assured, I will support our remarkable Board of Directors, and my gifted colleagues, in preparing for a seamless transition to the Chamber’s next generation of leadership. We will work together to keep our Chamber moving forward.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of standing with you, shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity, as we advocated, together, on behalf of our business community.

I look forward to seeing you, and wishing you well, during my remaining months at the Chamber.

In unwavering support,

It will certainly be the end of an era for the the Chamber and it will also be exciting to see how they move forward from the leadership David Ross provided.

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