How do you know that Spring is arriving? Daylight Saving Time and Dairy Queen are open for the season.

According to their Facebook page, they were trying to open yesterday but figured today was a better day to start serving treats. They have been teasing the opening and then were faced with storms or cold temperatures. Last year they opened a week earlier.

The DQ location at 530 7th Avenue shut down like all the other DQ locations for winter and has been eyeing a March opening on their Facebook page. I have tried the only number listed on the page to double-check if the opening date was solid but never got an answer.

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This just makes me want to drive up to the location and order some soft serve dipped in chocolate. This location sells treats and cakes, but also has a food menu, and come June you will have to wait in line for any of those things.

Two-Story Dairy Queen The First To Open In Manhattan
Andrew Burton, Getty Images

Every time I drive through Two Harbors in the summertime, I see a long line. It's always popular and serves up good food. I had a wonderful Hot Dog there once, and that is all I order when I go there as far as food is concerned.

The hours aren't listed yet, so I would think the hours will be more solid when they sort out a staff. I see all the DQ stores are opening, like West Duluth and other locations. Now it's time for the Portland Malt Shop to open, then it's really Spring in the Northland.

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