Here's another unique home for sale! A curved earth home is for sale in Maple, Wisconsin, situated on sixteen acres of land so you can really be one with nature if you want to.

There have been many interesting homes on the market lately. Last month, a LEGO-themed home went up for sale in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The home was a normal home for the most part with sprinkles of LEGO throughout.

In September, another odd home went up for sale in Wisconsin, which reminds me a bit of the curved earth home. It is a hobbit house that is partly underground. It is pretty neat on the inside and definitely a one-of-a-kind living option!

There are so many unique and fun homes for sale lately in Wisconsin and it's fun to see! A listener actually sent us this home and I hadn't seen it until then! It is located in Maple, Wisconsin and is definitely unlike any other home I have seen lately.

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The home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is $420,000. According to the Zillow listing for the home, there are many things that set it apart! It is on sixteen acres, has a green house and a curved effect that makes for gorgeous details inside the home.

So why a curved home? It allows for minimal heating and cooling needs, so your bills are likely lower! It is also made out of concrete so it will stand the test of time. The house also incorporates the natural terrain so it blends into the landscape.

The home is also facing south so that it can be solar powered, another factor that will lower your bills. It also has high ceilings, panoramic views and a bunch of other unique features. The best part is definitely the inside layout, which speaks for itself. Check it out below:

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