There's a strange, bizarre, and frightening pandemic that is spreading across the United States that deals with creepy clowns being sighted.  This isn't a joke, and police have investigated it in several areas.  There's been reports of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods, making threats, and trying to scare people in general.   There's been rumors on social media about it happening in Duluth, but so far it's just rumors.   People joking around could get into some serious trouble.

There have been hoaxes and actual attacks across the country:

A MN teen has been arrested for her Kroacky Clown threats.

Clowns were trying to lure kids into the woods with treats in North Carolina.

Schools have been threatened in Ohio and a woman was attacked.

There's been other stories as well where people have attacked clowns they believed to be a threat.

People that may think it's fun to start a hoax in the area should think twice, realizing that criminal charges could be filed.  If you feel threatened by someone dressed as a clown, or anyone for that matter you should call 911 immediately.

It's also probably not a good idea to dress as a clown on Halloween, as you may become a target for vigilantes.

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