A couple of positive COVID tests have postponed the playoffs for the Men's World Curling Championships.

The Covid test result inside the bubble took down the entire playoffs in Calgary, Alberta. ESPN is saying the World Curling Federation postponed the match between the United States Team Shuster and Switzerland. The Winner would move on to play Sweden. The Canadian Curling Federation said the positive COVID test was not on any of the players for any of the playoff teams.

Originally because it was discovered Saturday morning before the first match, everyone thought that the positive test was with one of either Switzerland or the US, but that was not the case. the CCF said everyone was tested on Saturday morning and that's when they found the persons.

Last year's championships were canceled because of the pandemic, this year they held the event in a bubble, so to speak, keeping people in a controlled area and sort quarantining them to that area. Because everything was canceled last year, they wanted this year to finish the season like it was supposed to, being the last of six curling events

The tournament was scheduled to end on Sunday, with the champion being crowned. All six of the playoff teams did qualify for the Olympics, which is something Team Shuster from the US made a goal first then the next goal was to win the World.

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This year's team qualifying for the finals in order to win the World Championships is Skip: John Shuster Third: Chris Plys Second: Matt Hamilton Lead: John Landsteiner Alternate: Colin Hufman.

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