Music styles change over time.  Think back to the British Invasion in the 1960's with the Beatles leading the way.  Rock and roll was the devil's music and the older generations were outraged.  Alan Jackson and George Strait sang Murder On Music Row, about how country music had changed so much and it was a cry to bring back the traditional styles of country music.

It may shock you now that "country rap" or "hick hop" or "hip hopry" is growing in popularity.  It isn't new, Cowboy Troy had limited success with it years back with "I Play Chicken With The Train."  As I'm typing this blog down, I'm listening to Colt Ford's Album "Every Chance I Get."  It features his rapping, with singing from various Country Stars.  Maybe it could help you embrace this music if you recognized some names like Eric Church, Charlie Daniels, Craig Morgan, Luke Bryan, Josh Thompson, and Tim Mcgraw.  They all lend their talents to this album.  It's fun, it's fast, and it's music that as a country listener you can relate to.

What the key difference is between Country Rap and Rap is that the lyrics aren't about ho's and drugs and money.  It's about backwoods living, bonfires, trying to live an honest life, going to church, and often times fried chicken.  There's also a lot of drinking and pretty girls being sang about, but that isn't new to country music.  On the music side, it's a lot of country rock and sweet guitar licks.

Probably the bravest country star to bring this to the front and center is Jason Aldean with "Dirt Road Anthem," a song written by Colt Ford.  The reason he decided to release it as a radio single is because he had such a great crowd reaction at his concerts.

What do you think?  I'm not expecting everyone to like it.  I enjoy all kinds of music - classic country, young country, rock, classic rock, jazz, blues, you name it I've enjoyed it.  And I definitely am digging this stuff.  Here's an example below.

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