Toby Keith has played in the Midwest quite a few times. We opened up our phones and our app messages this morning and asked our listeners to share some of those special memories of Toby Keith, as he passed away last night at the age of 62.

Toby Keith may be the first mega country superstar of our era to pass away. So many people, including myself, credit him for a reason they started listening to country music.

2003 Concert At DECC Arena

21 years ago, Toby came to the DECC arena in Duluth, Minnesota. His opening act was Rascal Flatts! Isn't that wild? We had a few people talk about the funny Bulldog video that kicked off the concert that he played. I wasn't at that show, but I did find this opening bulldog video that he used in 2011.

2010 - DECC Arena - Protesters + Big Ford Truck

Toby Keith played again at the DECC in 2010. It was another huge show, and people lined up to get inside. Protesters were following Toby on that tour and were shouting to the crowd that Toby wouldn't save you. It was really bizarre. What did Toby do to deserve this?

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Toby did a meet-and-greet beforehand. I was lucky enough to get to meet him. He was a nice guy! My friend Joe was working as DECC security and he spent some time with Toby backstage. Joe said Toby was a really awesome guy in person.

Country Thunder In Twin Lakes, Wisconsin - Day 3
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Toby Keith At WeFest

Lots of people remember seeing Toby at WeFest. He played in Detroit Lakes in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

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We had a listener reach out and say that they went to WeFest in 2007,

"When I went to we fest back in 2007 I just returned from a deployment to Iraq with a lot of Minnesota guardsman when Toby Keith went up on stage and played American soldier he dedicated it to all of us and he took pictures that people had from the deployment and played it on the big screen behind him"

Bobbi messaged us saying she was at the 2009 WeFest show. She won tickets from B105 and he played the first night.

Country Thunder In Twin Lakes, Wisconsin - Day 3
Getty Images for Country Thunder

Ty Remembers Toby Keith At Country Fest when Red Solo Cup was huge.

Ty said he saw Toby at Country Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin back in 2013. I was there too! He remembers when Toby sang Red Solo Cup, and how the crowd just erupted. It was one heck of a show.

We'll miss you Big Dog Daddy.

Thanks for the music and the memories Toby. You were one of a kind.

2021 iHeartCountry Festival Presented By Capital One – Show
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