A dispute between PBR and MillerCoors could mean the end of the legendary PBR very soon. A legal battle is taking place, and PBR lovers are anxiously awaiting the outcome.

According to TIME, Pabst Blue Ribbon and MillerCoors have had an agreement for years now where MillerCoors would brew the beer, package, and ship the product. MillerCoors now wants to end that partnership citing it doesn't have the brewing capacity to keep going in the current structure.

Pabst is now suing MillerCoors for $400 million dollars and for them to honor their contract that was first established in 1999. The contract is set to expire in 2020, and as part of the contract they are supposed to work "in good faith" to find a solution benefitial to both parties.

Pabst belives that MillerCoors is just trying to bully them out of the cheap beer market so they can thrive with their other brands.

The two are already battling it out in court, and it's expected to continue through November 30th.


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