Star Wars lovers, this once-in-a-lifetime experience would be truly out of this world.

Online site is seeking one lucky Star Wars super fan to take part in a movie marathon! In return, you'll get some loot and one-thousand bucks.

Here are the films you'll be watching, in any order you want:

  1. The Phantom Menace
  2. Attack Of The Clones
  3. Revenge Of The Sith
  4. Solo
  5. Rogue One
  6. A New Hope
  7. Empire Strikes Back
  8. Return Of The Jedi
  9. The Force Awakens
  10. The Last Jedi

Here's what qualifications you must meet to take part:

  • Active on social media, especially Twitter - so you can enlighten everyone on your thoughts and feelings while you watch the films.
  • Must be a U.S. ciitzen
  • Must be 18 years or older

You must fill out an application by Wednesday, December 11th at 7 p.m. EST in order to be put into the entry pool. You have to complete the task by the time the next Star Wars movie drops - which is December 20th. You can apply here.

If the force is with you and you are the chosen one, you will receive all ten movies, a nerf gun, a Chewbacca onesie and a popcorn popper.

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