Compact fluorescent light bulbs have replaced our old favorite incandescent bulbs.  They are suppose to save energy, last 5 to 8 times longer, and save money in the long run.   They cost more to purchase, but the thought is that if the bulb lasts longer and uses less energy, it will be worth it.   Well I've replaced far too many cfl's in a short period of time to make any of this true.

We have a three way lamp that I've had to change cfl's out twice already in the last two years.  We use it an average of 5 hours a day.  So, doing the math 5 x 365 that's 1,825 hours per year.   Cfl's are supposed to get about 8,000 hours out of them.  In reality, I'm getting only 2,000 hours.

The other problem I have with them?   If they are in a cold room, such as a porch they aren't bright when it's cold.  They turn on dim and eventually get to full light after a few minutes.   Your outdoor buildings are dimly lit as well when with these darn things.

I guess next to try is the LED light bulbs, but those are SUPER expensive!   I miss the old incandescent bulbs.

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