This is one thing that we DO NOT need in 2021. Come on, clowns! A clown sighting has been reported in Minnesota, just years after that clown craze that took over back in the day.

This all went down in the town of Annandale, Minnesota. City officials shared the news on Friday (April 30th) on their official Facebook page. Just reading it will give you the creeps!

The post begins by explaining that city officials have received complaints about someone dressed as a clown. They state that they are aware of the situation and will continue to monitor it.

That's not all, however. They continue to say that they can't do much unless the individual is reported to the police department. You can read their full statement below:

Yikes! One resident of the area shared a sighting in the comments section, writing they saw the clown on a scooter around 8 p.m. near a local bank. He said the clown was making dogs nearby bark.

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A few other residents in the area also chimed in. One resident said the clown was spotted near a McDonald's and another said they saw him lurking in an alley near a local restaurant. Just the fact that he was lurking in an alley is enough to make me want to cry.

This could be a one-off situation or it could mean the beginning of another surge of clown sightings. A few years back, people all over the country were dressing up as scary clowns and creeping everyone out! It happened everywhere, including in Minnesota as recently as three years ago.

This does hit close to home though, considering Annandale is located just a few hours from Duluth. Eek! I do not like clowns so I would love if this was just a kid trying to be funny and not the return of that clown craze. We have been through enough over the past year! Stay home, clowns.

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