I've been fortunate enough to see and meet Clint Black before, and of all the things to talk about with a country music star, we talked about rock music and tattoos.  I'll never forget that night and I almost wasn't going to be able to catch him at Bowfest.

Plans changed and I made my way to Mont du Lac for the world's largest 3D shooting and music festival.  I met up with a co-worker and we planted ourselves on the grassy hill facing the stage for some olderish country music.

Clint still sounds as good as ever and his band is a very talented group of musicians, he may not have a steel guitar but his violin/fiddle player sure is a nice touch to the show.  I felt a little bad as the crowd for Bowfest was huge but the concert crowd was a tad smaller than I thought it would be for such a nice night of outdoors music.  Clint didn't care, in fact he invited the farther back crowd up to the open VIP seats which was nice, and he played like there was 5,000 people there.

The beer was cold, the weather was perfect, and the country songs a lot of people didn't know they knew were rocking the place.  I'm glad I made it, just because an artist isn't tearing up the current country charts, doesn't mean they can't still rock a stage like they are.  Class act from Clint Black and his band last night.

Along with other bands this afternoon, Clay Walker takes the stage at Bowfest at 9:00PM with tickets still available at the gates for just $39.99.  You can get more information here.

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