The Cliff Lund Apartments have been without a working elevator for quite some time. Unfortunately the elevator repair will once again be delayed, this time past Thanksgiving.

We told you previously about how the apartment only has one elevator, and some elderly or disabled residents haven't been able to leave their apartments. There is a stair well to use, but some are not able to physically traverse the steps. Management has put chairs to rest on levels, they've offered assistance to residents, as well as a phone number people can call for help on flyers throughout the building.

The elevator has been shut down since September 7. It was supposed to only take a few weeks for the repair, but various setbacks have left the apartment building without a working elevator for over two months. Now the latest update according to the Superior Telegram is that the elevator will be working by December 3. A crew that was set to work on the hydraulic jack needs to now quarantine due to COVID-19 protocols.

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The apartment building is managed by Meridian Group. They have offered to bring in Thanksgiving Meals and deliver them to residents on Saturday November 20.

People can still visit residents if they are able to use the stairs. There are volunteer groups who are delivering groceries as well. Meridian Group say they understand the inconvenience of the elevator repair, while also realizing there was not another option for the necessary work.

Hopefully they can get the elevator working by this new deadline.

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