I've had the chance to see a lot of shows because of the profession I wandered into.  I like all types of music and if I can catch a show, especially an artist I haven't seen before, I will.

Bowfest 2019 had Clint Black on Friday evening and Clay Walker on Saturday.  I saw Clint Black before but caught him again because he never disappoints, but Clay Walker was one I have not seen live.  My co-worker was hanging out there working so I popped in for a couple of cocktails and some more live music on Saturday night.

I use the word "interesting" in my title because I don't know how else to describe it.  I wasn't drunk or on any hallucinogens that I was aware of, but the way the show jumped around kind of made me feel that way.  Don't get me wrong, the music sounded great and the show was good.  There were just some weird transitions with the music that to me didn't fit quite right.

One minute it's a country show, the next we were on a beach with streamers filling the air, then it was story time with some kind of out of place piano in the background.  The encore was solidly hopping and energetic but then dropped about 3 levels down to holy religious and slow, and ended on that note.  It was a roller coaster of a show, and while it was fun, it was just confusing.

Would I see him again?  I sure would!  Again, the music was great, the band is highly talented, especially the guitarists, and the covers they performed weren't too bad either.  All in all a fun night, just...interesting.

Ted Nugent and Charlie Daniels are already booked for Bowfest 2020, get your tickets and more information on that here.

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